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Artists' Television Access
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110


ATA 2007 Film Festival: Auteur Space - Reelpolitik

$7-$10 8PM doors 7.30PM


For(r)est in the Des(s)ert

Luiso Berdejo - 2006, 12 min, 35mm/HD, San Sebastian, Spain

Their Circumstances

JiHyun Ahn - 2007, 10 mins 05 secs, Mini DV, West New York, NJ, USA

I Am The Eggman

Sam Barnett - 2007, 6:27 min, DV, Berkeley, CA, USA (in person)

False Friends

Sylvia Schedelbauer - 2007, 4:45 min, 16mm/MiniDV, San Francisco, CA, USA (in person)

Paradise Drift

Martin Hansen - 2006, 13:20 min, BetaSP, Netherlands

The Apollos

Nick Parker & Jazmin Jones - 2006, 6 min, MiniDV, San Francisco, CA

To Watch After The White House Press Briefing, Or With The Apathetic

Mack McFarland - 2007, 1:22 min, DV, Portland, OR


Olga Chernysheva - 1999, 2:30 min, Moscow, Russia

Tetescha Us

Stefanie Wuschitz - 2006, 9 min, BetaSP, Austria

La Parabolica

Xavi Sala - 2007, 12 min, HD/35mm, Spain

The Severe Illness of Men

Aleinikov Brothers - 1987, 10 min, Moscow, Russia

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