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Paradise Drift

Martin Hansen Ė 2006, 13:20 min, BetaSP, Netherlands

In the mountains of Bosnia-Herzegovina, thousands of people climb a rocky slope at night. Excited, but silent, they clamber on. The beams of their torches tentatively scan the stones. They look up to the sky, expectantly, with strange eyes. What are they looking for? Is the aeroplane an omen? The advertising slogans promised an unforgettable experience that would give a new direction to their lives. Paradise Drift is a wordless film about manís quest for higher things and the interchangeability of miracles.

Martin Hansen (Kiel, Germany, 1951) studied photography and film in Braunschweig and in 1985 he founded the production company KARO Film with Thomas Bartels. He also works as a cameraman and editor.

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