Playback: ATA Film & Video Festival 2006 - 2010

April 19, 2011 - The Roxie Theater - 7:30pm - $10

Join us for a special presentation of short films from the first five years of the ATA Film & Video Festival. The selections include works by Tommy Becker, Ariel Diaz, Paul Clipson, Zachary Epcar, Sam Barnett, Jibz Cameron & Hedia Maron, John Palmer, Rachel Manera, Carl Diehl, Martha Colburn, Guy Maddin, Clare Samuel & Candice Purwin, Olga Chernysheva, and Federico Campanale. Full Program

ATA proudly presents these local & international works, celebrating unconventional films and a singular film festival that entertains and provokes audiences worldwide. Don’t miss your chance to experience what BadLit describes as “a real powerhouse of experimental media exhibition.”

The Roxie Theater is located at 3117 16th Street in San Francisco.

Watch the Festival Trailer <> Read the Press Previews

Special thanks to Video Transfer for their generous sponsorship.

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