Animal, Animal

Tommy Becker (in person) - 2004 1:50 min San Francisco, CA

An assembly line of life stretches spines across a landscape of couches beneath a plastic wrap of packaged meat.

Tommy Becker's videos combine spoken word, performance, music and costume design to create sentimental vignettes in which faceless individuals consistently find themselves in states of adversity. His music, sound and spoken monologues accentuate the performance-based works, highlighting the humorous yet melancholy states of his characters as they struggle to shift perspectives, overcome alienation or refine behavioral patterns. His work has been either screened, installed and performed live at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Pacific Film Archive, White Columns Gallery, New York, Art in General, New York, Aurora Picture Show, Houston and The PDX Festival, Portland.


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