I, A Director

Rachel Manera - 2006, 9 min, 16 mm, San Francisco, CA

r.Manera attempts to embody the female Kuchar himself so classically portrays in I, An Actress while empowering the auditioning female actor. I, A Director is a self-reflexive critical challenge with nostalgic regards to rapidly vanishing medium. This contemporary version reverts the gender-bending escapade in a humorous transgression of the stereotypical male director/female actress.

Rachel Manera creates moving & still images, generating audible frequencies while devising inter-active installations and social intervening environments. Conceptually motivated by absurdity, vis-à-vis the unwanted. An intuitive artist exquisitely innovated succeeding the recovery of the discarded, r.M is currently enveloped on assignment in Marfa, TX teetering the Border, chasing trains and excavating vanitas for a SF solo exhibit in 2008.

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