Press about the ATA Film & Video Festival


“This was another highly successful year for one of the world’s best experimental short film festivals.”

-Mike Everleth, Badlit

“We can't tell you what to do with your work (experimental film) once it's done. But we know who can: The Distribution Workshop/Panel Discussion of the Artists' Television Access Film & Video Festival, aka Microcinema's Joel Bachar, SFCinematheque's Jonathan Marlow, Canyon Cinema board member Maia Carpenter, Other Cinema's Craig Baldwin, and Wholphin DVD Magazine's Emily Doe. These are the best people on Earth to tell you how to share your art without getting screwed or selling out.”

-SF Weekly


“There’s a real meditative quality to them (2nd program films), allowing the audience to reflect on their own lives and memories, which is what I think really connects the work together nicely.”

-Mike Everleth, Badlit

“The ATA Film & Video Festival's shorts recall misshapen vinyl spinning in refreshingly erratic circles, with an anything-goes spirit running tonight's series of low-budget gems.”

-Flavorpill, LA


“Live in San Francisco? Like short films? Like experimental freak out beauty? Then run to the great ATA this weekend for their 2nd Annual ATA Film & Video three day fest of “original, independent & underground” cinema”.

-Mike Plante

“It’s an amazingly bold and impressive lineup of daring and provocative short flicks that I urge anyone in S.F. to go to at least one of the nights if you can.”

-Mike Everleth, Badlit


“The revered experimental media mecca inaugurates an annual festival of shorts by local and international filmmakers”

-Flavorpill, SF

“The mini-fest contains intelligent commentary on war, frenetic cut-and-paste-and-mash-ups and beautiful captures of the moments in between moments.”

-Mike Plante

The Festival has also been regularly featured in local publications over the years, including the weekly Rep Pics of the SF Weekly, SF Bay Guardian, SF Chronicle, Flavorpill and SFAppeal.

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