Princess Diana's Soul Carriage

Nightmare City - 2009, 4:46, Video, San Francisco

In a spectrally damaged reference to television’s favorite canceled dance party, Soul Train, Princess Diana’s Soul Carriage features multidimensional dancers in an otherworld landscape comprised of footage borrowed from F. W. Murnau’s Nosferatu and Paul Sharits’s Word Film. The dancers, flanked by two rows of dancing Princess Diana simulacra, move through space-time to a warbling, psychedelic soundtrack of the supernatural. This video was originally part of Nightmare City’s self-published TV-straight-to-DVD show, The Pixie Troll Witch Hour: Into the 3 A.M. Void with Carol Anne and Keturah (2009).

Keturah Cummings and Carol Anne McChrystal are the collaborative project Nightmare City. Looking simultaneously forward and backward, they are determined to enact endtimes always, forever, in perpetuity. Using outmoded technologies, passé occultism, astrological pseudoscience, and redundant cultural movements, they enjoy a cathartic placebo in a world where endless repetition nudges meaning out the door.

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