Karl Lind, in person - 2006, 2:30, S8/Digital Animation (video), Portland

A million tiny hearts break. Somehow, everything is much more one sided than we would like it to be.

Karl Lind is an award winning filmmaker, videographer and curator living in Portland Oregon, he has been making short films and videos since 2002.


ATA: What was the formal process of making the film like? Also, the film looks like it could be a mashup of 80s music videos. Were you inspired by any particular preexisting material?

KL: I was initially inspired by the film's soundtrack which was created by friend and frequent collaborator, Ron Gassaway, we had been working on a completely different video project and when I heard the music he had made a totally different idea for a short film entered my mind. From this point I wrote a script and worked with my DP Nate Goodman who was able to create a great little storyboard for it which I was able to digitally scan and then edit images to the music. I was concerned about getting the shots just right, especially since I was also working with an animator so that he could add his flair to it. Sonically and aurally I wanted to achieve something that seemed like it was a ghost of all things leftover from the early 1980s. I was also heavily inspired by Lionel Richie's "Hello" (both song and video)

ATA: Any film projects that you're currently working on that you'd like to share with us?

KL: I am currently in various states of stopping, starting and near completion on an installation project, a short film about doppelgangers and a few music videos.

Interview by Liz Wing of ATA

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