Lightstruck: Cinematic Photogram Creation
By Kerry Laitala

sponsored by Rayko Photo Center

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - 5pm to 9pm, Rayko Photo Center, $25

Space is limited. Early registration is encouraged!

The film created will screen as a trailer at the festival on October 21 & 22!

In this workshop, participants will be exposing 16mm, B&W film stock by hand. They will make 16mm "Cinegrams" directly onto the film and creating hand-exposed moving images by placing objects and material directly onto the film and casting their shadows upon the film with light. The workshop will also cover hand-processing the film as a negative in buckets.

Participants will also get a chance to see some examples of works made with this tactile approach to making moving images, and an overview of the history of cinegram creations.

Materials that attendants should bring could include, but should not be limited to: feathers, buttons, shells, sequins, lace, "Letraset" letters, symbols and numbers, (rub on) images printed on to acetate, painted film, anything graphically or texturally interesting or symbolically meaningful, etc. The film stock is negative, so remember to bring in things that you think will render well in this form.

This workshop will take place at Rayko Photo Center

which is located at 428 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94107.


Watch the trailer from a previous Lightstruck workshop.

Laitala grew up in the wilds of the Maine coast, while developing a chronic passion for old things. She attended Massachusetts College of Art studying Photography and Film and received her Masters degree from the San Francisco Art Institute in Film. She has been awarded the Princess Grace Award in 1996, and the Special Projects Grant from PGF in 2004 and 2007.

She has recently finished the hand made, hand processed films entitled the "Muse of Cinema Series" with a flashlight in her studio. This film artist uses the “Muse Series” to directly address the audience by re-animating Magic Lantern slides from the early years of cinema and before the birth of cinema as we know it. By incorporating them into a cinematic collage, the works pay homage to magicians of an earlier age who thrilled audiences with their spectral displays. Her work has been screened internationally and in the celestial ether which connects us with the music of the spheres.

Laitala was also chosen as a recipient of a GOLDIE- (Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery Award) -2007 from the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

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