The ATA Film & Video Festival is dedicated to celebrate and support underground film exhibiting every year 2 original ensembles of short works by emerging and established film and video artists from all over the world. The festival also includes installations in our Mission District storefront gallery, a lunch for the filmmakers, and new in our 4th year, a discussion forum for the exchange of ideas amongst filmmakers, curators and audiences. Throughout the year, work from the festival is broadcast to the San Francisco community on ATV, ATA's weekly cable-access television show, and screened in other national and international venues.


Out of the hundreds of films submitted to the festival, a first selection of films is presented to a diverse panel of local filmmakers, curators and ATA staff. After sessions of viewings and discussion, the panel ranks them and 4 thematic sections are assembled from the best-ranked.


The first ATA Film and Video Festival was screened in March 2007 at La Enana Marron, an independent cinema in Madrid, Spain. A selection of films form the 2nd ATA Film and Video Festival was presented at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles in February 2008, in Iceland, as part of the Experimental film and video festival 700IS Reindeerland in April 2008, and in Moscow's CINE FANTOM CLUB in June 2008. The third edition of the festival was screened at Galeria de la Raza as part of the Mission Arts and Performance Project (MAPP) in December 2008 and will be soon exhibited in other tba venues.


Festival Directors and Programmers are Shae Green and Isabel Fondevila. Both of them have been ATA volunteers since 2000 and 2003 respectively. The festival is also possible thanks to the hard work and commitment of all ATA volunteer staff members.

Artists' Television Access, ATA Film and Video Festival, 992 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94110


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Artists' Television Access is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all-volunteer, artist-run, experimental media arts gallery that has been in operation since 1984. ATA hosts a series of film and video screenings, exhibitions and performances by emerging and established artists and a weekly cable access television program.