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Lukas Lukasik - 2007, 4:30min, super 8, San Francisco, CA, (in person)

The film "Window" is a memory of his trip through dark forces of being captured in heaven and a refreshing flight over pleasures... to a creative solitude.

The Filmmaker was born and raised in heaven,specifically in Mime land. Through his childhood he was fighting for the mime rights in society. To simply be able to talk, to express vocally needs of sound in silence cinematography. Therefore, a "great escape" on the fifth of july 1983 to the earth, was born. Since then forbidden access to gates of heaven forever and ever. On his way down visited bluish and yellowish clouds where he meets his lifetime friend, only by him called "The Truth". Currently both of them are living in San Francisco waiting for an opportunity and a solid, sharp, 8 or 16 mm shovel to dig underground. "On the way down now, I would like to take You with me" - he often says.

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