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btween calm & chaos & calm & chaos.....

Dayv Jones - 2007, 3 min, VHS, USA

the btween series was born out of the idea that in an age where we are bombarded by imagery we could also utilize technology to take back moments to relax and breathe. the series is made up of one or two long shots per piece, exploring the visual spaces between two more traditional ways of viewing, whether that inbetween space be physical, emotional, sociological or psychological.

btween calm and chaos and clam and chaos.... is a singular shot taken from the bikepath along the charles river in boston through a park bench, across the mass pike and commuter rail tracks towards the back of boston university- with the soundtrack of "the clock song" by scrawl.

Dayv Jones is a native urban landscape videographer who utilizes a camera, effects, filters & natural surrondings to create beauty out of simplicity.

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