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Lisa Danker – 2007, 3 min, Iowa City, IA

The film “Photo-synthesis” is what happens when plants and flowers come into contact with a Bolex, a lens-extension tube, high-contrast film, ink, an optical printer, and a filmmaker who wanted to manipulate images of nature. Beyond formal experimentation, this short film aims to illustrate plants and flowers a both beautiful objects and as complex photosynthetic beings.

Lisa Danker is a candidate for a Master of Arts in film studies at the University of Iowa. She has produced a small number of films and videos, but is currently focusing her energy on reading film theory and history, co-directing the Iowa City Experimental Film Festival, and teaching Spanish. She hopes to continue to explore the world, its problems and its wonders, through documentary filmmaking. She also hopes to contribute to the collective effort of increasing the exposure of alternative (and all) forms of cinematic expression through organizing film festivals and other modes of exhibition.

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