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La Fuerza Eyaculatoria del Ojo (The Eye's Ejaculatory Strength)

Sara Sama Acedo - 2007, 2:03min, Video, Spain

Museums and art galleries are art cemeteries, spectators examine corpses based on their own image and in this way we look at, and devour, each other. I use these corpses in this video, dismember and mix them following two quotes from Robert Bresson, devoid of hope, continuing with this cannibalistic act that others call “Art?”

Sara Sama is an anthropologist. She works as a professor of anthropology at UNED (Spanish Open University). In her spare time she spends time doing “Video-something” with everything she sees without giving up her anthropological look. She has four other videos on YouTube you may view, under: miraktveo. All of them are made using the video option that a small digital camera offers. She is currently mixing Super-8 and digital video. Let’s see what comes out of it!

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