Program: Truce, Thursday, October 19, 2006 7:30PM

The Touch


Vanessa Woods - 16 mm Experimental Animation   2006   2:58 min   San Francisco, CA 

The Touch is a meditation on Anne Sexton’s poem of the same name. The film examines melodies within spoken, written and visual language and how they can interact. Because the subject of the poem deals specifically with the idea of touch, the film sustains a highly tactile, textural quality. 

Vanessa Woods graduated with a BA in art history and visual arts, cum laude from Barnard College.  Her artwork and films have been exhibited internationally and she has been the recipient of numerous awards including a Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship for Film, a Film Arts Foundation Personal Works Grant, and the San Francisco Art Institute’s MFA Film Fellowship, where she is currently pursuing her MFA degree.  Woods has produced five short films that have been screened internationally including the Centre International d’Art in France, The Anthology Film Archives in New York, and the Pacific Film Archives in Berkeley. Woods is currently working on three new films, including a feature-length documentary titled Mimita, which follows the lives of a family of women raising their adopted child in Bronx, New York.