Program: Quixotic Quips, Friday, October 20, 2006 7:30PM



Mack McFarland – Experimental 2006 0:36 min Portland, OR 

Reset is from the vlog, where I had put a new video online for 88 days in a row.  Reset is based on the gaming system of life in the so called "fast lane."  

Mack McFarland is an interdisciplinary artist who has found a home In Portland, OR. McFarland has worked in many mediums, his focus now on video,, performance, and drawing. He feels strongly that art can be more than one thing simultaneously. An aesthetic experience in the 21st century is becoming the major factor in defining one’s self and belief system. Mack notes the omnipresence of “Metamedia,” information tweaked and sculpted beyond the normal realms of biased fact and fiction. This has lead him to his interest in information dissemination, consumption, and comprehension in regard to sociopolitical power and cultural practices.