Program: Quixotic Quips, Friday, October 20, 2006 7:30PM

G Gordon Liddy


Lucas Ketelle – Experimental 0:42 min Pleasant Hill, CA

A low resolution G. Gordon Liddy with a hypnotic-type feel. Its spiral pattern in motion fools the eye about what color is shown, the depth of field, and what scenario the images exist in. The image exists in fantasy - an odd fantasy more linked to David Lynch-esque work, hinting at a point of reference, but it seems random. Its presentation, minus color palette, gives the impression of something horrible being sugar-coated by the media. It hints at being a direct response, aiming to get the attention of such political intellectuals as Noam Chomsky or Howard Zinn.  

Lucas Ketelle is a Bay Area media artist who examines the relationship between technology and the mundane. Lucas’ work has been shown throughout California, most notably at the famed, Artist Television Access. Lucas is currently a senior at California College of the Arts and is working on a series of site-specific installations that play off video noise interference.