Program: GNP, Friday, October 20, 2006 7:30PM

The Cost of Free


Astra Price – Experiemental Found Footage 2005 1:55 min Los Angeles, CA.

The Cost of Free is a single channel video that simply describes the true story of how I came into owning 30 faceless George Bush piñatas and their problematic journey making it across the US-Mexico border. Compositing text and image over archival footage from the 1960’s educational footage discussing US-Mexico border, The Cost of Free is a playful examination of US-Mexico policies and relations.

Astra Price is an emerging new media artist interested in exploring the non-static world in art and life. Currently she gives shape to her explorations through video in a variety of forms including improvisation, installations and single channel work. While much of her work presents images of an ephemeral nature, Astra finds an equal amount of her inspiration and consideration coming from hands on technical manipulation of video and data. When she is not shooting, editing, or presenting video, Astra tries to take a moment to try to remember what the world is like when not filtered through a lens.