Mark O’Connell – Experimental 2006 8 min Seattle, WA

Clouds meet, fall in love, move in. Eventually one gets bored, starts to mess around. The other finds out. Words are spoken, trouble erupts, the law is called. One is taken out in a box, the other in cuffs.  

Mark O'Connell, a musician and digital media artist, creates short films whose fluid collages of imagery and sound draw on movies, memory, chance and sensuality. His work abandons traditional narrative in order to explore the possibilities that arise from the juxtaposition, as well as the rhythms and textures, of images and sound.

Mirek Menci, the curator of Enter Multimediale, characterizes O'Connell as “a global digital star,“ Netslag curator Lars Printzen says, "There are many experiments in digital filmmaking. But few people can produce this level of work. It is exciting and also impeccably crafted."