- --opened eye, closed i - i closed, eye opened--

Jeejung Kim - 2009, 5:10, HD, Tuscon, AZ, USA

One says, i listen, thereby i see things about the one. The i talks, the one receives, this leads the one to see the i.

An ear is playing a passive role by accepting the ineluctability of the impact of the aggressive mouth. Initially, the ear emerges by this contact; however through time the ear transforms to a supersaturated state with the continued impact. It becomes unbearable for the ear, a reservoir for the bullets, to withstand the impact and finally ruptures and disseminates the projected substance. When the flow subsides and settles down on the surface of a closed eye/i, it becomes a metaphoric hindrance and an incitement: the reason for the eye/i to see and the challenge for what it is to see. The eye opens and expresses what it has received.

Jeejung Kim was born in North Carolina and moved to Seoul, South Korea when she was four years old. The sense of displacement and need to adjust herself to new surroundings greatly impacted her life and creations. Jeejung earned her BFA and first MFA degrees at Ewha Women’s University in Korea. She expanded her field of study from ceramics to mixed media, and from East to West, in a belief of combining the two different worlds into in her art. She earned her second MFA degree at University of Arizona in 2009.


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