Passage Briare

Friedl vom Groller - 2009, 3:00, 16mm, Germany

A woman, a man, a smile. They sit in the sun, and what links them is the film’s real surprise: a matter-of-fact gesture which is probably taboo for others. It’s up to the film itself to reveal what this gesture is. The anarchic humor of Passage Briare liberates the viewer for a brief, beautiful moment from the fear of getting old.

Friedl vom Gröller (Friedl Kubelka) born 1946 in London. She spent her childhood in Vienna and Berlin. From 1965-1969 she studied photography at the School of Graphic Arts. 1971 Masters certificate and commercial atlier for photography. 2005 National award for photography. 1990 Founder and director of School for Artistic Photography, Vienna. 2006 Founder and director of School for Independent Film, Vienna. First films in 1968. Screenings (Selection): Generali Foundation, Vienna, Anthology Filmarchives, N.Y., documenta 12, Austrian Filmmuseum.


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