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Shalo P. - 2008, San Francisco

A smoldering collection of transmissions overlap during the initial brewings of a great storm. Distinctly troubled video weather patterns also emerge.

And the digital mouth of hell opens wide to give us a closer look at the colossal cosmic void in a journey of sound, light and emotions.

shalo p is an multi-media artist that has been residing in SF for the past four years. Having worked and collaborated with various Bay Area artists, institutions and collectives (with such notables as George Kuchar, Dale Hoyt, THE WALL OF FIRE and Craig Baldwin's Other Cinema), he has gained a cult following of his own with his TELEVISION FOR GHOSTS projects (that spread themselves out in various media, recounting a collapse in collective memory via autonomous digital weather) and also for his striking live performances involving light and sound. After a wonderful year exhibiting in such prestigious venues as Dublin's Darklight Festival, LA's Black Diamond, Austin's Video Bee and the San Francisco Cinematheque he is still proudest supporting underground cinema. Strangely enough, when asked what he does in particular he usually states that he is "surveying the digital apocalypse and embellishing it with rainbows".