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Ozuland 002

Carlo Sansolo - 2006, 9'56, miniDV, Brasil

The virtual constructions do no have a clear or definitive purpose. But being affirmative impresses and this confidence and the dubious and speculative theory is our objective. We are considering these situations on this video.

Carlo Sansolo was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1969. He studied literature at Puc-RJ from 1990 to 1992, and film stuides at Birbek College in London from 1998 to 1999. He is a video artist and electronic musician, who organizes art events with Érika Fraenkel since 2002.

Some of his main exhibitions:

*Videobrasil 2003 & 2005 *Sergio Motta –2004- Gugg und Chaim project -SP *Itáu cultural - 2005 -08-session portifolio-bh-sp-poa * Projéteis- Funarte 2005 RJ - Vídeo instalation * Microwave-Hong Kong- China- 2003-10 *Split Film Festival- Croacia - 2004-07 * Video as Urban Condition-06 2004 -London Austrian embassy - curator Manu Lunksh *404- Eletronic Art Festival - Rosário – Argentina -12-2004 *Curatorship and exhibition -Videoformes - France- 2005 –03 *Remo- Vídeo art Screening - Osaka Japan august -2005 - Videoart Center Tokyo.