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Visions of Wasted Time

Neil Ira Needleman, 2007, Super8, 4í40, Katonah, NY

Itís impossible to look back at 1985, the year my father died, without feeling bitter about our relationship. To his consternation, I became interested in art, classical music, and shooting/editing moving pictures. These were useless things that didnít fit into my fatherís very practical notion of life. But I am what I am, and I shot what I shot. And Iím still shooting. And I guess Iím still a little bitter.

Neil Ira Needleman was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1957 and learned filmmaking in the alleys of Brooklyn. Somewhere along the way he got lost in a tunnel that led him into a career in advertising. He has now rededicated himself to tinkering with motion images.