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Close to Home

Jan Erichsen - 2007, 1'16, Norway

The camera is pointed at a coffee table at all times. For each new scene a different object is placed on it. There are no visible people in the film, but one can sense the presence of someone behind the camera doing his utmost to destroy the things on the table.

Jan Hakon Erichsen is a Norwegian artist who works with video, installation and photo. His art deals with the domestic and the masculine. Ordinary household items are the starting point for most of his art making. He has exhibited in different Norwegian and international galleries and partaken in numerous international video festivals after he finished his education four years ago at the National Academy of Arts in Oslo. In January he was selected as one of thirty Norwegian artists to exhibit at Astrup Fearnley museum of Modern Art in Oslo in an exhibition showcasing the best of the young Norwegian art scene.