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What For What

John Davis, 2008, Super8, 9’, Napa, CA

This short film emphasizes the notion that life is an unalienable human right, and lawful murder a fallacy. Utilizing the US State of Georgia’s death chamber audio recording from the botched execution of Alpha Otis O’Daniel Stevens, the film encourages continued debate over the practice of capital punishment. Using color and black and white super8 images, the film questions the notion that two wrongs make a right, as it simultaneously explores the final minutes of a condemned mans existence.

John Davis is an artist living in the Bay Area experimenting with sound and image, exhibiting both internationally and in the US. His sound works stem from a desire to supplement his films and videos with original music, and has become an integral part of his process. He has recorded music for the Root Strata label in San Francisco, and has upcoming releases on the Students of Decay label in Cincinnati and Digitalis Ltd. in Tulsa. John has a BS in Anthropology from Loyola University in Chicago, and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.