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Welcome to the 2007 ATA Film & Video Festival website.

Festival News

February 27, 2008

ATA Film and Video Festival travels to Iceland

The screening of the 2nd ATA Film and Video Festival will take place on April 4, 2008 at Hofn Culture Centre as part of the 2008 Experimental film and video festival 700IS Reindeerland. More info at

February 13, 2008

Festival Selection to screen at Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles

The Echo Park Film Center, a beacon of light and film and video, located in Los Angeles, will be the location of the St. Valentines Day screening of selected works from the 2007 Film & Video Festival. What a show! We will have 2 filmmakers, NICK PARKER and GORDON WINIEMKO, in attendance. Former ATA volunteer Penny graciously is putting us up for the night. And the EPFC folks are awesome. Lisa, Matt & Thea are welcoming and share that the EPFC was, in part, modeled after ATA! What an honor! If you ever find yourself in LA you have to check out the Echo Park Film Center

May 15, 2008

ATA Film & Video Festival awarded grant by the Trust for Mutual Understanding

The ATA Film & Video Festival will receive a grant from the Trust for Mutual Understanding to present the ATA Film and Video Festival at the CINE FANTOM CLUB in Moscow, participate in the Renowned Discussions that CINE FANTOM hosts with authors and audiences, and to conduct a professional exchange through a series of inter-organizational meetings in partnership with CINE FANTOM.

The Trust for Mutual Understanding is an American foundation supporting cultural and environmental exchange between the United States, Russia, and Eastern and Central Europe. This exchange aims to facilitate the cooperative presentation, appreciation, and production of Experimental Cinema in Russia and in the United States.

The screening in Moscow is part of an on-going exchange between CINE FANTOM and ATA. In June 2007, ATA screened a program of films from CINE FANTOM, "CINE FANTOM: Experimental Russian Film," which included the work of filmmakers Olga Chernysheva, Olga Stolpovskaya, Dmitriy Troitskiy, Grigoriy Dikkert, Lenka Kabankova, Igor & Gleb Aleinikov, Alexander Doulerain, and Jamie Bradshaw . Many Russians living in the Bay Area visited ATA, many for the first time. They, and others, saw personal and idiosyncratic visions of Russia that they would have seen and heard nowhere else in the world, except through CINE FANTOM. The audience was amazed to see artistic points of view seldom if ever represented in any media, especially in the US.

CINE FANTOM's mission is to bring film professionals, artists, and others together to experience, and learn about the practice and relevance of Experimental Cinema. The name and the history of the club comes from samizdat, an originally handwritten magazine by Igor Aleinikov issued by CINE FANTOM since 1985, dedicated to history and theory of cinema. CINE FANTOM was associated with the Soviet underground cinema, Parallel Cinema (Parallelnoe Kino), and became known for its leading role in media openness during Glasnost. CINE FANTOM believes that discussion is an integral part of the presentation and enjoyment of Experimental Cinema.

The screening of a selection of short films from the 2nd ATA Film & Video Festival will take place at CINE FANTOM Club in the FITIL Movie Theater on June 11th. ATA's 5 primary participants — filmmakers Sylvia Scheldebauer and Paul Clipson, ATA Film & Video Festival directors Shae Green and Isabel Fondevila, and ATA's Programming Director Fara Akrami — will be present and will also be part of the Renowned Discussions that will follow the screening. According to CINE FANTOM, "The aim of these weekly sessions is to help create a new criticism capable of understanding new film language." A transcript of the discussion will be published online as well as included in the book CINE FANTOM: Selected Discussions, to be published in 2008/2009.

The program includes:

Window (Lukas Lukasik); 1,2,3 Solution (Tommy Becker); Candy Apple (K.Laitala's S.F.A.I. Optical Techniques class); Echo Park (Paul Clipson); The Apollos (Nick Parker & Jazmin Jones); I Am The Eggman (Sam Barnett); False Friends (Sylvia Schedelbauer); Pursuant To The Subsection (Gordon Winiemko); I, A Director (Rachel Manera); 5 Cents A Peek (Vanessa Woods); To Watch After The White House Press Briefing, Or With The Apathetic (Mack McFarland); Sissy Boy Slap Party (Guy Maddin); Phantom Canyon (Stacey Steers); Flight Home (Tadashi Moriyama); Paradise Drift (Martin Hansen).

During their stay in Moscow, the 5 primary project participants will also conduct inter-organizational meetings with CINE FANTOM, members of their affiliate organizations, and affiliate artists. The meetings will concern the incubation, expansion, and production of Russian and American experimental film and video. The results of the project will be evaluated and disseminated in several ways, including an experimental documentary and experimental film night about our experience that will be held at ATA in August 2008. In the spirit of CINE FANTOM, the screening will be followed by a discussion, and the discussion published online at

ATA and CINE FANTOM CLUB would like to thank the Trust for Mutual Understanding for making this exchange possible!

September 1, 2007

Artists' Television Access Film & Video Festival announces its 2007 program

San Francisco, CA. Artists’ Television Access' 2nd annual ATA Film and Video Festival celebrates experimental films and filmmakers with a party and the showcasing of 34 short, original, independent and underground films by local, national, and international artists.

On Wednesday October 10th, the Opening Night Party will feature an eclectic music selection by dj_spaceinvader & Niles of mk2 reality enhancement, and will premiere local filmmaker Paul Clipson’s new super 8 film “Illuminations” with live musical score by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. Thursday, October 11th and Friday, October 12th are the short film and video screenings.

This year’s 26 short films include the surreal “Silly Boy Slap Party” by Guy Maddin, the wordless and miraculous “Paradise Drift” by Martin Hansen, the 4000 hand-made collage animation “Phantom Canyon” by Stacy Steers, and “The Apollos”, a student documentary about the 1981 Oakland Tech High School class that fought successfully to make Martin Luther King Day a holiday.

In addition to the screenings, during the month of October the work of 8 experimental video artists will be on display in the ATA store-front window.

ATA, 992 Valencia and 21st Streets (SF, CA). Wed. October 10th, Thursday the 11th, and Friday the 12th doors open at 7.30pm every night. Screenings start at 8pm. Opening night party from 7.30pm to 10pm, film premiere at 8.30pm (aprox. duration 30 min). Tickets are $5 for the Opening Party and $7-$10 for the screenings.

March 7, 2007

ATA Film & Video Festival screens in Madrid, Spain (I added this one here because I think you can’t add to the 2006 website)

La Enana Marron, an independent cinema in Madrid, has invited ATA to screen films between the 15th and 31st of March as part of an international film exchange. Volunteers and festival organizers Shae Green and Isabel Fondevila will present 25 short films from the recent First Annual ATA Film & Video Festival as well as local favorites, "Wild Wheels" by Harrod Blank and the Other Cinema Digital title "Dial History" by Johan Grimonprez. If you know anyone in Madrid who loves alternative movies, tell them to come by!

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